Bikram Yoga – Best Services for Hot Yoga in Point Cook and Williams Landing
Bikram Yoga – Best Services for Hot Yoga in Point Cook and Williams Landing
Practice Hot Yoga in Williams Landing and Point Cook and avail its benefits for pain relief, muscle strength, endurance, stress relief, toning, flexibility and more.
Shaan Lim

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga in Melbourne (Bikram Yoga)

Hot Yoga is readily available in the Melbourne area. Hot Yoga in Werribee is based on Bikram Yoga. The difference from regular Yoga is that Hot Yoga adds heat and humidity to the room you perform the moves in.

The heat at 40 degrees Celsius and the 40 percent humidity are used to replicate the climate where this form of Yoga was originally developed in India. The 26 positions of Bikram Yoga are the same in Hot Yoga.

Heat and humidity have significant advantages to your health and mental condition when you are doing Yoga.

You sweat a lot in Hot Yoga. Sweating is your body’s natural way to remove contaminates. The natural products that your body needs to get rid of as well as any chemicals that may have accumulated on your skin from pollution or the environment are removed by sweating.

Sweating opens up your pores. You get rid of the accumulation of makeup, soap, and body cleansers that may be clogging your pores and producing acne.

Heat makes your body more flexible. Heat makes your muscles and tendons expand. You will find that the Yoga postures that you have difficulty maintaining are easier for you in a hot environment.

High humidity helps you breathe better. A 40 percent humidity level is the perfect level of water in the air to enhance your capacity to breathe in more oxygen. More oxygen gets to your muscles and organs so your Yoga workout improves your muscle tone more efficiently and makes all of your organs function better.

Heat and humidity can reduce pain. Many people have used hot pads to relieve muscle pain and other pain. The same idea works in Hot Yoga. The expansion of your muscles, bones, and tendons produced by the hot environment in Hot Yoga helps relieve pain.

You lose more weight using Hot Yoga. You burn more calories in a hot environment so if Yoga is one of your tools to lose weight then Hot Yoga will help you lose more weight faster.

Practicing Hot Yoga helps increase your concentration and improves their mood. The closed environment and the added effort you need in a hot room help you focus on your Yoga. Focus is a key element in getting the most benefit from Yoga.

As you sweat and get rid of the chemicals that are contaminating your body you will feel an improvement in your mood. Part of this effect is the loss of chemicals that cause you to have a bad mood and part of the effect is the result of natural chemicals that your body produces that make you feel good when you exercise.

Hot Yoga simply does more for you. Hot Yoga in Werribee, provide you with a safe environment and trained instructors so you get the most out of Yoga that you possibly can. So if you live in Werribee, Point Cook, Williams Landing, Hopper Crossing or Wyndham Vale then come and try Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga Werribee.


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