My name is Stanley Higham I’m 79 years old I’ll be 80 in September.

I’ve been attending Bikram Yoga for 3 months, I’m feeling like a new man feeling good, sleeping eating and relaxing fantastic.

Prior to starting at Bikram, I had been really sick for the past 2 years. At first my Doctor said I had a Virus. I was short of Breath, then my Sodium Level was low, so I needed to go in Hospital, I had a continues bad cough which I was unable to lie down with out 5 pillows, then into hospital again after tests they said I had fluid on my lungs also I was diagnoses with a critical Heart Condition.

So I talked with my Doctor, about doing Yoga he said it would kill me. However I thought I’d nothing to lose and believe me it’s the best thing i’ve eer done in my life, I feel like a new man. After yoga in the morning then I have lunch. I then go for 7 kls walk. Life is great now. 




 I’ve always been a very highly strung, anxious, type-A personality. I dealt with a feeling of being seconds from disaster by channeling that nervous energy into trying to be ‘successful’.

By the age of 31, I had an executive position in finance. While I was incredibly successful in my career, I also spent much of the day so stressed I thought I’d pass out. A couple of times, as I sat at my desk, my head was so full of tumult and worry, I thought I was seconds from having a stroke. I’d also put on 8 kg in six months – probably a result of stress, travel, and late night dinners in my room at the InterContinental Hotel.
I knew that I had to do something to relieve the pressure valve. I’d practiced Bikram yoga for 8 months a couple of years ago – but now, when I had no time to do anything but work and travel, something was calling me back to the studio. I battled to find time to attend evening classes. Sometimes, thoughts of all the stresses at work were so intense, especially during savasannah, that I wanted to run, screaming from the room. But eventually, after several hot and excruciating “Jo” classes,

I realised that it was better to suffer through the stress in the hot room, and release it, than to carry it in my body for the rest of the week travel, something was calling me back to the studio. I battled to find time to attend evening classes. Sometimes, thoughts of all the stresses at work were so intense, especially during savasannah, that I wanted to run, screaming from the room. But eventually, after several hot and excruciating “Jo” classes, I realised that it was better to suffer through the stress in the hot room, and release it, than to carry it in my body for the rest of the week.

It’s been a year now, and thanks to Bikram yoga, I’ve nearly got my life back in balance. I’ve lost 5 kg (only three to go!). But more importantly, the anxiety switch in my brain has been disconnected. Now, I realise that you don’t have to be a ‘perfect superwoman’ to be ‘OK’.

Thank you Jo, Shaan, Dikla, and all the lovely Bikram teachers who are helping me on this journey. Bikram yoga has changed my life for the better.

Sarah W, Werribee 



I would just like to express my gratitude for your teaching methods (am so glad that I found this place). After having a break from class for a while & returning recently, I am finding that my body is becoming so much stronger, nor should I fail to mention my mind.

At first, I was unsure about the classes, having tried different styles of yoga in the past. Pushing myself too hard too soon was a worry. I find that with your direction & consciousness directing all individuals to focus on their own personal journeys; that I feel a sense of connectedness, as we all grapple with changing a lifetime of habits.

My sciatica has improved immensely & for the first time in weeks I can actually touch my head to my knee & bend my other leg while in paschimottanasa (think thats how its spelt :() without feeling pain in my left side. Yey.

I am still wobbling on the left side, yet am finding that the wobbles are starting to decrease dramatically to what they first were. Urgh, still trying to swing that leg into eagle pose, but saw a glimmer of hope as my little toe moved around slightly further last week.

In addition, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes, with unstable sugar levels & was given a month to try & regulate, with dietary advice & exercise. I am happy to say that so far the sugar has come down to regulated levels (yey no medication). I am eating less, bingeing less in all facets of life & just feeling a wholesome change.

It\’s interesting also, as I am beginning to understand the meaning of bringing \”my body back to its natural state\” & the reality of mind, body & spirit working together. So easy to parrot the words, yet much harder to practice. I am amazed that simply working against opposing muscles with basic, yet challenging strengthening exercises, how this can reshape a body & awaken the mind!

Even though my weight has stayed at the same (lost 2 kg the first time I started), I am noticing that my waist measurement is beginning to appear less bloated. I can now actually reach my knee in spinal twist (I couldn\’t get anywhere near it at first) & can feel both sit bones more centred.

I also find that my own life has taken some strange & welcoming twists of late, which I put down to a stronger disciplined mental attitude. It all seems to have been since I began Bikram (took your advice & using the extra time to meditate). I am also back jogging lightly with limited pain in my hip. My children have even noticed the difference and are very proud of my efforts.

Funnily, I have also eased up on myself & started to be a lot more tolerant of my own limitations (no Samantha, you cannot do standing splits after only 10 classes lol). This attitude has also progressed into every day life with me remembering to embrace my own journey, without being so impatient of reaching the destination. I am finding out so much more about who I am & what I am truly capable of & just loving being around others who are also making changes.

You are amazing, as are all of the wonderful teachers.

A big thankyou.
With love,




After 15 years in the Military and fast approaching 50 years of age ( sorry, but that still sticks in my throat ) , and despite my many distracted efforts to stay fit and trim, I felt the spectra of old age looming close in the rear view mirror.

I decided I needed to shock my system back into action, my wife suggested swing dancing…… so yoga it was.

Surprisingly now it’s been over 7 months since my significant other and I started Bikram Yoga with the talented Shaan and her team, in that time my wife and I have each lost 11 kg and feeling fitter, happier even taller.

Bikram Yoga is such a complete body…um some would say ‘workout’; but I’m voting for ‘thorough going over’, there’s been a marked improvement in my fitness and in both my core strength and flexibility. Also mentally it has let me reassess and focus on what is really important in my personal and professional life.

Aside from team sports or military training, this is the first fitness class as such, that I’ve ever attended, yoga is not merely a season or a course to complete, but a change of attitude and lifestyle.

Yoga works on your entire body, all the little twinges and niggles accumulated from a life of sports, work and late nights were addressed in the class. Sadly at first, most of my bits were addressed “return to sender” but that has evolved in class to something I feel I can now really live with, and keep improving upon!

Doing the same 26 posture routine might sound repetitious but it’s honestly amazing how varied the classes feel both physically and emotionally on a day to day basis. The 90 minute classes are an effective use of time not ploughing on endlessly at a traditional gym throwing weights around for hours, not really having a goal to work toward. Recently both “she who must be obeyed” and I both completed our first challenge of attending every day for 30 days with a surprising result…. I lived.

The simplicity of Bikram Yoga appeals very much to me being an ‘old school’ kind of guy, no mindless gym music, no weights or machines, no fashion (mind you I just saw a darling little leopard print men’s 3/4 pant…I digress) just your mind and body armed with a water bottle and a rubber mat versus that heat, the mirror and your own mind and body.

Join up and you’ll never look back….actually you will look back, repeatedly, and feel better for it. 


Byron C



Nearly 2 years ago I had some back issues, and my physiotherapist suggested I try Bikram yoga. Since my back was so stiff it was waking me up several times a night (I couldn’t lie still for any length of time) I decided to give it a try. To provide some background I was:
- 33 years old
- Never done dance, gymnastics, calisthenics, or anything else as a child that might have improved my flexibility
- Been told by my mother that my lack of flexibility was genetic and nothing could be done about it
- Failed basic fitness tests in school at age 15 because even then I could not touch my toes

So off I went. Well of course at first I was amazed that ANYONE could do what I saw being done around me in 40 degrees. It was extremely hard work – mentally and physically, but for reasons I can’t explain I was hooked from the start. At first, not being able to touch my toes limited what I could do in a lot of postures, and I discovered quickly that my hips, knees and ankles were also extremely stiff. But within a very short time I saw massive improvement. I have a lot of commitments, and for long periods only practiced once a week – I felt I couldn’t commit to more – but whenever I had some free time I would try to fit in a class. Despite my rather infrequent practice the improvements continued. It wasn’t long before I could easily touch my toes, and reach past them. I also found that my cardiovascular fitness had greatly improved, but best of all I was sleeping through the night and my back felt so much better.

Last year I was telling Shaan how I wanted to be really fit for my wedding, but I didn’t know how I could fit in more classes. She suggested I just try to do 3 classes a week for the 3 months before my wedding. In between everything, I managed to do 2 to 3 classes a week for those 12 weeks. Well, I was not overweight to begin with, but I lost 5 kilos and a dress size in that time, without dieting. These days I am a regular 3 times a week yogini, and while I might never find myself “doing the standing splits”, I am very happy with my progress. 


Rachel C



Hi Shaan.

I’m missing the practice, I will be back, I still have the 12 session pass.

Not only physically and mentally am I missing the hot room. I also miss Nat telling me to stretch up to the ceiling like someone is pulling my hair. Now how can I take that seriously, especially when she falls off the podium. (Probably laughing at my attempts to suck in my stomach) I miss Jo instructing and patrolling the students, and her attempts to improve my practice. She seems to make me stretch further, and dissipate my headaches. When she stands near critiquing my form I can feel her positive energy and her mind saying, ‘what is he doing’?

I know I can improve; Dikla makes me sweat so much my towel becomes slippery. You Shaan too needs to practice with inner peace, I did notice you shaan practicing Savasana in the wrong direction. Of course the instructor was looking the other way.

I will miss all the staff in the hotroom. Jess, Jo, Dikla and sorry to the others I missed. I’ve just moved into a new home so have decking, fences gardens to build. Thanks for the last intense 2 months, will still drop by for my fix but will not be as regular. Yes I know Bikram Yoga is a lifestyle to be practice daily. 


Regards, Roman



Dear Shaan and team, November 2012 I picked up the phone out of sheer desperation and pain, and made the phone call to Bikram Yoga Werribee. My eldest daughter was traveling, my GP was away with family and my Rheumatologist was overseas. I found your flyer on my kitchen bench, which my daughter’s flatmate had left, and her parting words were “try this mama you never know it may help!”.

Shaan your encouragement, reassurance and smile in your voice, with that very difficult phone call to your studio changed my life.

Suffering severely with early onset osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and 2 herniated disks in the lower back, daily tasks were debilitating. Fatigue and depression had taken over my life, and at 48 yrs old, I was to young to not fight for a better quality of life for myself and family.

Having always been relatively fit, I missed my strong body. I could no longer go to gym, run, even swimming left me painfully stiff and sore. The many medications prescribed, left me with side effects sometimes worse than the symptoms. My beautiful daughters couldn’t cuddle me, for fear of hurting me, but they couldn’t get their arms around me anyway with the weight I had gained, with lack of activity and the prescribed medications. Washing my hair was a chore, I couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders, holding a pen was severely painful and driving was becoming extremely dangerous, as I couldn’t turn my head enough to look either way, let alone hold the steering wheel correctly. My body was slowly but surely seizing up.

So when you said “it’s ok, you can do this, all you have to do is stay in the room” you had me!! I knew the heat would help, but what was in store for me I had no idea!!! What were these crazy postures, who are these people in the front row? They do these postures and breath at the same time! They weren’t passing out, throwing up, or so anxious, they wanted to run screaming from the hot room, all the things I wanted to do. And on top of that, the pain in my locked joints and muscles, the fatigue and weakness, my body no longer in alignment, loss of balance, and most of all my mind telling me I had no business being here, and I should be home, curled up in fetal position. BUT after 90 minutes of working through all this, something had changed, I had survived and the heat had relieved the tension, the pain, the fog, just ever so slightly. I wanted more, so came back the next day, and the next and the next! You know the rest! I knew I had to let the hot yoga take over from the medication and have faith and trust in your instruction and guidance.

Well there has been tears, laughter, clicking joints, wonderful stretching gosh the list goes on, but the healing is happening. Medication free for 6 weeks now! Yay dizziness and nausea gone! Weight loss 12 kilos, reduced muscle pain and my girls can hug me now! Bikram has changed our lifestyle as a family, meal times are precious and very healthy. The girls are loving their kids yoga sessions (wanting more ) and life is now more peaceful with happy smiling faces and locked knee’s when necessary! Can’t wait to see where 12 months takes this body!

Bikram Yoga will be a part of my life always, everyday. My arthritis is a constant companion, reminding me every morning that it is here, however I feel much more in control of healing my body and life, the yoga is my medication, holding back the tide.

I have met some wonderful people, each with their own story and have made life long friendships, but as different as we all are, we have one thing in common and that is the yoga in the hot room that you have provided.

I have found Bikram Yoga to be a journey, each day different but the studio is always constant and safe. Shaan, you have surrounded yourself with a great team of instructors, that have guided, laughed, shown tough love, compassion and patience, that at times is difficult to give in frustrating circumstances. Thank you, and to Jo, Dikla, Jess your whole team (sorry anyone I have forgotten) a huge thank you for your time.

Shaan aside from the wonderful healing Bikram Yoga, I hope you know your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. A smooth running business front of house, has good management back of house, therefore, we as customers, benefit. Much appreciated

And oh Thank you, thank you for the beautiful carpet, everyday!

I am forever grateful,

Peace and joy always,



Annemarie-Dey-_werribee Graeme-Traynor_werribee Byron-Crump_Werribee





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