• Why the heated room?

The heat, combined with the sequence of postures, makes Bikram Yoga special and unique. The hot room warms your muscles, enabling you to work safely and with more efficiency towards a deeper stretch, whilst also healing and preventing injuries. The heat raises your heart rate and so provides a safe environment for a cardiovascular workout.

Yoga is not just about working muscles. True health and fitness begins from the inside. As you work deep within your body, Bikram Yoga systematically works to improve the function of every organ and every system in your body.



• I feel nauseous/ dizzy during class and very tired after my first class. Is this normal?

It is not unusual to feel nauseous, dizzy, disorientated or like you need a good nap after your first few classes! This is because your body has begun to cleanse itself as a result of the yoga practice. Don’t be scared. After your first few classes this sensation will pass. The more you can relax as you give 110% effort during class, the more energised you will feel throughout the class and throughout your day.



• How often should I attend class?

For best results, we encourage a regular practice of 2-3 times per week minimum.



• How much water should I drink?

We recommend that you drink plenty of water before and after class. A minimum of 2 litres per day is best. You are less likely to feel light-headed or dizzy during class if you hydrate yourself during the day. It is best to drink only a little bit of water during class or even, if you’re feeling brave, none at all! This allows for your body to receive the full benefits of the yoga positions without your digestive system having to work overtime in order to absorb the water.



• Will Bikram Yoga help me lose weight and tone up?

Yoga helps to balance your metabolism, whether you need to lose some weight or put on some healthy muscle mass. Bikram’s yoga series will help you tone and strengthen your body in all the right places. A Bikram body is a healthy body!



• Will Bikram Yoga make me fit?

Yes! Bikram Yoga is an effective cardiovascular workout. Apart from strengthening your heart and lungs you will heal and restore the functioning of every system of your body. To get the full cardiovascular benefit we recommend that you practice regularly and consistently.



• I can’t do the postures very well, will I still get the benefits?

It is not important how far you can go into the yoga pose. What is important is that you do the pose with the correct body alignment – putting all your effort into the pose whilst still breathing and keeping a cool head. In yoga there is no standard of comparison. Perfect is the best you can do that day.



• How soon will I start to see changes?

How quickly you progress will depend entirely on you – upon your natural ability to a small extent, but mostly upon the honest time and effort you give to your yoga practice. To give you an indication though, most people are surprised by how quickly things start to change in the room for them after only a few classes.






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