I remember the very first time I did a Bikram yoga class….. it was in Jersey (Channel Islands) 2003. I woke up the following morning and remember that I hardly could move, my muscles were so tight and I recall thinking that I had experienced the hardest workout of my life – every part of me hurt, even to breathe, all of my muscles between my ribs were sore. I later learnt that this was normal and the feeling normal, just the intercostals muscles being stretched, as they had never been stretched that much before. Although I have always worked out in a variety of ways and have loved the challenge of trying new sports, I felt differently after my first Bikram yoga experience, very differently!

Something in me wanted to go back and do another class….. I felt great within myself!!

After coming to Melbourne a year later I found Bikram yoga again and began practising – I just loved it!! I started only doing 1 class per week, this grew into 2, then 3 and before I knew it I found myself wanting to become a teacher and teach other people this amazing, healing, powerful yoga, not only physically but mentally also.

I was managing a swim school at the time but after 4 more years of doing this and loving the job, I knew that my passion lay in yoga so I saved up and took a huge leap of faith, enrolled onto the Spring 2010 teacher training course in Las Vegas, left my full time job with the vision that when I came home to Australia, I would be coming back as a Bikram yoga teacher… WOW!!! My dream…

I remember been told from my teachers that the Teacher Training Course was the most difficult thing they have ever done – physically, emotionally and mentally so I tried to prepare myself but in all honesty no amount of preparation could be done for the nine weeks ahead. It truly was one of the most difficult things I have done in all aspects but it taught me so much about myself. I have gained a new sense of respect for myself and others, patience and a much deeper love for myself any every other person in my life. I cannot thank Bikram enough for teaching me these things.

The way I look at it is like this – if I am able to teach and help heal a person then that’s great! But teaching and doing something that I love, and being given the opportunity to see and feel the results in my students from practicing this therapy in an absolute blessing, and I am so thankful that I am able to do that!!
Just remember – “It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, and you’re never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again. ” Bikram Choudhury

I look forward to practicing with you and teaching you….. see you soon.

Joanne instructs the following:
  • Bikram Hot Yoga 90 mins
  • Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 posture (asana) series completed in a specific order in a heated room. Each posture is done twice; each posture prepares you for the next. All classes are 90 minutes long and conducted in a heated room. The intention is to work every system, organ, gland, muscle, ligament & tendon in the body.

    All classes are designed for first time and experienced students alike.

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